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Exchange Server 2016 / 2019 stops delivering mails from 01.01.2022 :-)

Marc Pauls  1 January 2022 13:17:06
For everyone wondering why their on-premise Exchange Server doesn't deliver any mails anymore - there is a kind of a year 2022 problem :).
You may suddenly see an error from "FIPFS" (error code 5300) in your event log stating "can't convert 2201010001 to long".

For a quick workaround:

start the Exchange Management Shell

cd $exscripts


restart the MSExchangeTransport service

net stop msexchangetransport
net start msexchangetransport

Dear Microsoft: signed int32 max value can only be 2.14... * 10^9 - and 2147483647 < 2201010001 :-D

Looking forward for a Hotfix published my Microsoft.

HNY 2022!

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